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Mobil Bankacılık

Investor Relations


Our participation banking activities are a reflection of the social responsibility approach that focuses on creating value for society.


The basic rules and guidelines adopted by our bank regarding its operation. These policies were created to provide a transparent business environment, increase investor confidence and achieve sustainable financial performance.


Special groups that supervise our bank's management processes and make decisions on certain issues. These committees ensure the sustainable growth of our bank by supporting transparency and effective management.

Investor Relations Calendar

Our bank's activities, financial reports, and the calendar outlining significant events. Investors can track key events of our bank through this calendar.

Press Releases

The official announcements containing significant developments and news about our bank. These bulletins are shared with the media and investors to provide information about the current status of our bank.

Corporate Social Responsibility

An area reflecting our bank's efforts to contribute to society. It includes initiatives on social responsibility projects, environmental sustainability, and societal development.

Contact Investor Relations

The Investor Relations Department operates in accordance with the provisions stated in the first part of the Corporate Governance Principles published by the Capital Markets Board in July 2003. You can examine the details of duty areas.