Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

Findeks products and services are now in Albaraka to provide you with financial control and to get healthier results for your credit card / financing applications.

Moreover, with annual package options and more affordable prices.

Personal Packages
Package Contents Piece/ Time Classic Package Gold Consulting Gold follower Premium
Findeks Credit Note 12 Number/Year
Risk Report 12 Number/Year
Tracking Unlimited
Alert Service  Unlimited
Note Advisor 3 Number/Year
Follower Unlimited
PRICE(VAT İncluded) 6,49 TL/Month
77,88 TL/Year
9,44 TL/Month
113,28 TL/Year
9,44 TL/Month
113,28 TL/Year
15,34 TL/Month
184,08 TL/Year

Package fees are collected on an annual basis. Package fees include BITT.

Findeks Credit Note: All credit and credit card accounts used from banks are created from past data.

Risk Report: A report detailing the payment history of credits that are still active and have been closed in the last 5 years.

Monitoring: You can view and check the debt, limit and current usage information of your credit, credit card, credit deposit accounts in all banks on a single screen..

Alert Services: It is a service that delivers monthly changes in the limit and debt information of your credit, credit card, overdraft account that shows your financial status.

Note Advisor: If you need to be able to keep track of changes in your Findeks Credit Note, you can get personalized suggestions from our expert advisors on how to intervene.

Follower: Your identity, contact and credit card information you want to protect will be scanned around the world including the dark web, if your data matches, your data will be forwarded to various levels of warning messages depending on the address.


  • You can easily take advantage of the package through the internet without going to the branch,
  • You can benefit from Findex packs rich content and personalized financial consultant, security, follow-up services; in addition, you can also clearly see the bank names hidden in KKB reports in Findeks reports.