Albaraka Mobil
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Profitable Gold Account

Profitable Gold Account is the participation account you open in gold. You can start using it by purchasing 300 gr for 1 month term, 300 gr for 32 days or more, without the account management fee.

Gold Savings Account

With Gold Savings Account of savings expert Albaraka, you can save gold in the amount you determine from your current account. You can give your order in grams of gold.

Gold Current Account

You can open a Gold Deposit Account as a current account. With this special account, it becomes easier for you to save. You can perform all your transactions through our internet branch 24/7.

Forget under-the-mattress savings, the fear of stealing and the safe box fee.
Keep your savings safe by bringing your gold to Albaraka Turk! You can deposit your golden ornaments into your account by exchanging it to 24 Karat gold.

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