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Credit Personal Accident Insurance

Credit Life Insurance

With the Credit Life Insurance, in case of a possible disability or death, the remaining financing amount is paid to the bank by Katılım Emeklilik

With Education Security Insurance, permanent incapacity coverage is offered as a result of death or accident. You can determine the student's annual education cost and duration of education.

Thanks to the Support Personal Accident Insurance, you can financially secure yourself against accidents that you may encounter anywhere from traffic accidents to falls and sprains.

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Educational Security Insurance

Education Payment Security Insurance guarantees family deaths, permanent incapacity and unemployment as a result of an accident.

Critical Diseases Insurance

With Critical Illnesses Insurance, you can secure yourself and your loved ones today. You can protect your loved ones even in the case of death.

Female-Specific Critical Diseases Insurance

With Female-specific Critical Illness Insurance, you can secure yourself against difficulties beforehand; and benefit from advantageous service package.