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The Nearest ATM To You Is Albaraka Türk’s!

With the agreements we have made with Yapı Kredi and PTT, we offer more than 8500 ATMs to Albaraka Türk customers free of charge. In this way, Albaraka Türk customers can perform the following transactions free of charge with their bank cards..

Fee Items
Yapı Kredi PTT
Transaction Name Daily Amount Monthly Amount
Withdraw Money 5.000 ₺ 3.000 ₺
Deposit Money 50.000 ₺ No Limit
Credit Card Debt Payment No Limit No Limit

  • You can make Credit Card Debt, Limit Inquiry and Balance Inquiry Transactions from PTT ATMs free of charge, and from Yapı Kredi Bank ATMs with a commission of ₺0.12.

Campaign Conditions

  • Withdrawal, deposit and credit card debt payments are free of charge until the amount stated in the table above made with Albaraka Türk debit card within the scope of the campaign.Standard commissions applied by BKM are taken for transactions other than this.
  • You can find detailed information about commissions on theProduct and Service Fees page.
  • You can only transact from the main account linked to your Albaraka Türk card at Yapı Kredi and PTT ATMs. You can change your main account at any time via our Internet Branch.
  • Albaraka Türk, Yapı Kredi Bank and PTT A.Ş. reserves the right to change the terms of cooperation.

Are the limits monthly or daily?

  • Daily limits for Albaraka Türk ATMs,
  • Yapı Kredi ATMs Withdrawal and deposit Daily,
  • It is monthly at PTT ATMs.

Are the usage limits different for each bank?

Yes. Our customers who fill the limit for one bank can use their remaining limit at other bank ATMs.

How much commission will be deducted if the transaction is over the limit?

In the event that transactions exceed the limits set for PTT and Yapı Kredi ATMs, fees/commissions determined by our Bank will be applied.

You can also find detailed information about fees/commissions on the Product and Service Fees page.