Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

You may view our dividend policy’s details in bank contract’s 47 and 48tharticles given below.

  • Profit sharing is implemented according to the regulations of Turkish Commercial Code, Banking Regulatory and Supervisory Agency and Capital Markets Board.
  • Shareholders benefit equally from profit sharing.
  • Every shareholder benefit from the dispensed profit according to their partnership interest.
  • Profit sharing is implemented in the shortest time after apportionment.
  • Reasons are clarified to the shareholders if profit share isn’t distributed.
  • Where undistributed profit share will be used is clarified to the shareholders.
  • The partners that have taken important profit shares from distributed profits and the amount of their profit shares are announced publicly.
  • Donations and aids made in the period are disclosed with details.
  • Bank management may distribute bank resources as advance dividend as part of legislative regulations and related institutions’ permission.
  • Bank management try to balance between bank and shareholders’ benefits while sharing the profit.