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What is Dealer Financing?

It is an alternative (online) sales channel where personal customers who want to purchase your company's products / services will instantly transfer the amount to your account using financing.

Employees who will be authorized by your company will be able to use the Dealer Financing platform with their username and password and perform the transactions of your customers. Your company does not need any hardware in order to perform transactions of your customers, and there is no need to install a system in your company. You can access the platform as if you were logging into Corporate Internet Banking. Click to log in to the platform.

How can I apply for it?

Albaraka customers can make a request by contacting your branch or visiting our nearest branch if you are not an Albaraka customer, you can and get detailed information. If you wish, you can fill in the application form on the Dealer Application page and send it to our bank

Advantages for Your Dealer

  • Significant contribution to your sales volume
  • Creating an alternative online sales channel
  • Offering a more reliable collection opportunity compared to paper sales
  • Completion of payment simultaneously with the financing
  • Faster and easier collection


  • It will be possible to work with dealers who have all products and services in accordance with the principles of participation banking that can be evaluated within the scope of consumer financing. Education / dormitory institutions, technology stores, furniture / white appliances stores, companies in the health sector, etc.
  • Transactions can be performed 24/7 without the need for our bank's branch to be open.
  • Depending on the customer's credibility, financing up to 60,000 TL can be allocated at the dealer without going to our branch.
  • In case of applications over 60,000 TL, you can direct your customer to our branch and complete the transactions.
  • Installments can be made for terms up to 36 months. According to the legal regulations, the maximum terms for some products / services may differ.
  • If you wish, you can perform transactions with contribution-based working models without reflecting any profit to your customers, or with a profit-based working model.
  • Income statement will not be requested from customers whose transactions require financing amount less than 7500 TL.