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How can I submit my chargeback request?

"Chargeback Form" must be filled in and sent to

If the form is not available, you can send your signed petition clearly stating the reason your chargeback request to our e-mail address stated above. In cases where sending the form is not possible, you can submit your request from our nearest branch.

For which transactions can I submit my chargeback request?

  • If the transaction performed with your credit card / debit card does not belong to you
  • If you could not get the product / service you made payment with your card.
  • If different or damged product was delivered to you
  • If the transaction you have made is reflected to your card transaction more than once
  • If the transaction amount is different from what it should be
  • If your card is debited even though you have paid the transaction amount in a different way.

What Should I Pay Attention When I Submit Chargeback Request Form?

  • You shoul fill in the Chargeback Request Form fully.
  • You should just check one option regarding charback reason in the form.
  • If the transaction subject to chargeback request is made from an additional card, the additional card number must be included in the form and the additional card holder must sign the form.
  • Supporting documents (receivable document, return document, cancellation number, document indicating different payment, order form / number etc.) must be attached to the chargeback request form or letter.
  • In case of application with a petition, transactions subject to chargeback and reasons for chargeback request should be stated clearly and in detail.
  • Petition shoul include the following information:
    • Transaction date/s
    • Transaction amount/s
    • Merchant name
    • Card number transaction performed with
    • Card holder name
    • Card holder signature

When is my chargeback request concluded?

  • Your objection submitted to us is processed according to the law no 5464 and the rules of international card organizations.
  • Your chargeback request can be concluded within 45 to 180 days. You will be informed about the process and the result.
  • You can find out the current status of your request via Alo Albaraka at 08502225666.