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Advance Payment

A type of payment in which some or all of the cost of the goods imported by the importer to the exporter is paid in advance before the goods are shipped or processed at the customs.

Cash Against Goods

The seller sends the goods to the buyer without taking the cost of the goods in this payment type. It is a payment type that the exporter delivers the documents representing the goods directly to the importer or through a bank.

Cash Against Documents

It is the form of payment sent to the importer's bank through the exporter's bank in order to collect documents indicating that the shipment has taken place after the exporter has exported the goods.

Letter of Credit

Letter of credit, which is accepted as a guaranteed payment instrument in international trade and is preferred frequently, is a transaction that protects both the importer and the exporter.

Acceptance Credit

It is a term payment commitment that can be used for letter of credit cash against good and document, if the importer accepts the policy included in the consignment document.