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We know you think it's too early for this, but you can plan your future in advance. Let's say you have already started making savings, and if you evaluate these savings in the Private Pension System, you will be very comfortable in the future.

The Private Pension System gives you the opportunity to save regularly and is supported by a 30% government contribution. Just think, you invest 100 TL, it becomes 130 TL.

The right time to join the system is now! Why wait longer to save and invest. You can save money and live without worrying about future with your money put aside.

We also designed Trend BES, which has no entrance fees, low contribution payments and low administrative expenses.

You also need to know;

  • The minimum contribution amount is 130 TL.
  • In case of leaving before the 5th year of the contract, deferred entrance fee will be charged. Administrative expense fee deductions and / or interruptions from the total amount corresponding to 8.5% of ABAU to be applied in the first 6 months of the relevant calendar year for each contract year until the end of the 5th year of the contract and / or interruptions and / or The part not collected in advance entrance fee is deducted from the accumulation as deferred entrance fee.
  • In calculating the deduction for the years without collection, the ABAU to be applied in the first 6 months of the relevant calendar year is taken into account.
  • There is no administrative expense fee for additional contribution payments.
  • In case of a payment break, 5 TL payment is required.
  • The administrative expense feefrom the savings is as follows;
Administrative Expense Fee
Period  Expense Amount
1. Year 60 TL
2. Year 24 TL
3. Year 24 TL
4. Year 24 TL
5. Year 24 TL