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Overdue Penalty

Minimum payment rate for our credit cards is 100%. When it is the due date, the customer has to pay outstanding balance related to that month.

You can see the example of credit card delinquency calculation below. The example below has been created for cases where the next statement date is 20 days after the due date of previous statement. When calculating these date ranges, the actual day ranges are considered.

Example: Personal Credit Card Overdue Penalty Charge Calculation

In case the credit card limit is used in the amount of 1.000 TL and the final payment date is paid in the amount of 300 TL, the calculation of the sample delay penalty is as follows:.

Personal Credit Card Overdue Penalty Charge Calculation
Usage Amount  Minimum Payment Amount Rate Minimum Payment Amount Payment Amount Total Not Paid Amount Shopping Overdue Penalty Rate Days in Overdue Overdue Penalty Amount
1.000 TL %100 1.000 TL 300 TL 700 TL %4,55 20 21,23 TL

For the remaining balance of 700 TL until the next account cut-off date, from the last due date, delay penalty will apply.

Personal Credit Cards Overdue Penalty Charge Rate: %4,55

Minimum Payment Amount: 1.000 x (100%) = 1.000 TL

Payment Amount: 300 TL

Unpaid Amount: 1,000 - 300 = 700 TL

An overdue penalty up to the days delayed accrues to the unpaid amount.

Shopping Delay Amount: 700*%4,55/30*20 = 21,23 TL

What should I know regarding my credit card usage?

When your credit card is delivered to you, your PIN is sent via SMS to your phone number registered in the system. You can start using your card with this PIN; or you can change your PIN via our internet branch and Albaraka Mobile. Your card will be activated after your first transaction performed with PIN. When your card is renewed due to expiration, your current PIN will be valid.

Our cards are contactless. After first transaction performed with PIN, you can use your card contactless.

Within the scope of authorizations, you can perform your mail order and e-commerce transactions after your card is activated. You can change your authorizations via internet branch, Albaraka Mobile and 0850 222 5 666 Alo Albaraka.

How can i have my Virtual Card?

You can easily create a virtual card via our internet branch or Albaraka Mobile.

You can reach such information as CVV2 and expiration date of the card which necessary during shopping via “Virtual Card” menu on “Card Information” screen.

As for Albaraka Mobile, you can reach this information by following Account & Card > Cards > Virtual Card menu steps.

Is there any limit allocation process for my Virtual Card?

There is no limit allocation process for your virtual card. You can set limit for your virtual card when creating your card or prior to shopping via internet branch on “Limit Update” screen or Albaraka Mobile by following Transaction > Card Transactions > Virtual Card Limit Update menu steps.

You need to set limit for your Albaraka World Virtual Card prior to your shopping. The limit set for Albaraka World Virtual Card will be decreased as used. You debt is transferred to Albaraka World Credit Card to which your virtual card is connected during statement period. A particular statement is not made for your virtual card.

How can I set my card PIN?

Your PIN is sent to you via SMS when you get your card for the first time. You can change your PIN through our Phone Banking or Internet / Mobile Banking services.

What should I do if my card is lost / stolen?

If you suspect that your card lost or stolen, you can close your card for transactions temporarily for 24 hours via Albaraka Mobile. In addition, you can also close your card for transactions by calling Alo Albaraka at 0850 222 5 666.

Can i use my Virtual Card right after i create it? Do i need to wait?

Your virtual card is ready to use right after it has been created. You can start using it by setting limit for your shopping.

Should Virtual Card Have a Fixed Limit?

You virtual card should have limit during your shopping. After you have done with shopping, there is no need for virtual card to have limit.

What are the advantages of Albaraka Worldcard?

With Albaraka Worldcard, you can shop in instalment in over 300.000 World merchant member stores, you can earn Worldpoints for your purchases instantly and use your accumulated points whenever you want.

All Albaraka Worldcards are contactless. You can perform your transactions up to 500 TL as contactless and without PIN; and you can perform your transactions over 500 TL as contactless with your PIN.

Can the limit that i set for my Virtual Card be used for the Credit Card to which my Virtual Card Is connected In the case that i do not use my virtual card?

Yes, it can be used. The limit you set for your virtual card cannot be deducted from the credit card to which your virtual card is connected in the case that you do not use your virtual card.

Where can I shop with Albaraka credit card?

You can do shopping with your Albaraka credit card in millions of shops, markets, hotels, restaurants, holiday villages, gas stations and other many more places all over the world, where you see VISA and MasterCard logos, without cash.

How can I make payment for my credit card?

You can make payment for your credit card through following channels:

  • İnternet Branch
  • Albaraka Mobile
  • 0850 222 5 666 Alo Albaraka
  • The nearest Albaraka branch

How can i view my spendings via My Virtual Card?

After your shopping, you can view your transactions via Albaraka Internet Branch on “Viewing Provisions” screen. When your transaction is reflected to your card as spending, you can view it via Albaraka Internet Branch on “Current Term Transactions” screen. You can also view your transactions via Albaraka Mobile by clicking on Transactions tab after selecting the related card.

When your statement is cut, your virtual card transactions will be reflected on the statement of the credit card to which your virtual card is connected, so you can see your statement debt within the statement of your credit card.

How can i pay my Virtual Credit Card debt?

All transactions you make with your virtual card will be transferred to your credit card that your virtual card is connected to on the statement date. So you can pay your debt together with your credit card debt. There is no need to pay virtual card debt seperately.

Does Albaraka credit cardholder pay any commission or fee?

You do not pay any commission or fee as long as you pay your card debt until last payment date.

Can the statement date and the due date of my Virtual Credit Card be different from the Credit Card that Virtual Card is connected to?

Since your virtual card is technically part of your credit card, a separate statement date and due date are not set; statement and due dates must be the same as your current card. Because; your virtual card has been developed to carry out your e-commerce or mail order transactions securely.

How can I change my statement date?

You can change your statement date for once only within the same statement term and three times within the same year through the following channels:

  • Internet Branch
  • 0850 222 5 666 Alo Albaraka,
  • The nearest Albaraka Branch.

Your  request for change of your statement date will be reflected  after your current statement date is passed.

How can I follow my credit card expenditures?

Your detailed statement showing the breakdown of your expenditures and the amount you need to pay will be mailed to the address you have provided each month. If you wish, your statement will be faxed to your fax number regularly or sent to your e-mail address. You can also easily your credit card expenditures through your branch, our internet branch, Albaraka Mobile and Alo Albaraka at 0850 222 5 666.

Can i earn Worldpoints with My Virtual Card?

You can earn worldpoints for your shoppings done with your virtual card.

Can i do shopping in installment with my Virtual Card?

You can do shopping in installment with your virtual card at World merchant member stores.

What should I do when my statement is not delivered to me?

You can monitor your statement through following channels:

  • Internet Branch
  • Albaraka Mobile
  • 0850 222 5 666 Alo Albaraka
  • The nearest Albaraka Branch

Is It possible to create a Virtual Card for Business Credit Cards?

You can create virtual card for your business credit cards via our internet branch or Albaraka Mobile.

What should I do if I want to object to my statement?

You can bring your objection petition for the expenditures reflected on your statement to our nearest branch together with the reasons / documents regarding the related expenditures; or you can call Alo Albaraka at 0850 222 5 666 and submit your objection to our customer representative. Your objection will be scrupulously examined and you will be notified as soon as possible after your objection is finalized.

Can I withdraw cash with my credit card?

Within the scope of Islamic Banking Principles, cash withdrawal is not allowed with our credit cards.

How Will Cancellation/Refund Process of Shopping that I Have Done with My Virtual Credit Card Be?

Cancellation and refund process is the same as existing credit cards. Your transaction will be reflected as “account receivable” to the credit card that the virtual card is connected to, and there will be no change in the virtual card limit.

Is there any commission or fee added to my expenditures abroad when being reflected to statement?

Your expenditures abroad are converted into Turkish Lira by adding a 1% commission to the Albaraka Türk foreign exchange selling rate on the date when the transaction is submitted to our Bank.

How can i close my Virtual Card?

You can close your virtual card by calling Alo Albaraka at 0850 222 5 666.

If I delay my credit card payment, what happens?

The minimum payment rate for your credit cards from Albaraka Türk Participation Bank is 100%. When your debt is due, you are obliged to pay all your debt reflected in that month. If you do not pay, we apply the Credit Card Overdue Penalty with a rate of 1.55% depending on the delayed days and amount.

How can I open my debit / credit card for e-commerce?

You can open your cards for e-commerce transactions by using following channels to continue online shoppings:

  • Our internet branch
  • All of our branches
  • Alo Albaraka 0850 222 5 666
  • SMS (You can open your cards for e-commerce by texting INTERNET, space, last 6 digit of your card and send to 4460)

What is the daily limit of my debit card?

With the Albaraka debit card, you can spend up to 5.000 TL from ATM and 4.000 TL in your POS purchases.

How can I change my account linked to my debit card?

You can change your account linked to your debit card by calling Alo Albaraka at 0850 222 5 666 or via Internet Banking.

Is it possible to exceed the limit of my additional card?

It is not possible to exceed the additional card limit.

Is there any statement cut for my additional card?

On the statement cut date you specify, term debt of your additional card is transferred to the main card to which your additional card is linked and the statement is cut for the main card. No statement is cut for your additional card.

Can I have additional cards of my all cards?

If you have any of our Albaraka Worldcard Credit Cards, it is possible to benefit from the additional card

Can I benefit from the same advantages as main card with my Private Banking / Platinum additional card?

You can benefit from the same advantages as main card holder with Private Banking / Platinum additional card, namely Roadside Assistance (VIP driver, discounted rent a car, tow truck service, vehicle information service) Housing Assistance (locksmith, professional house support, repairing electricity and water installation, housing information service), Travel Support Service (discounted airport transfer, Professional driver), Medical Assistance (medical consultancy, doctor or nurse visits, check – up, immediate medicine delivery,) and more.