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Banking Transactions are in your pocket with Albaraka Mobile.

Banking Transactions are in your pocket with Albaraka Mobile.

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Perform your banking transactions easily with the new Albaraka Mobile, which includes innovative and technological solutions, and enjoy your time!

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What’s New

QR Transactions

Thanks to the QR code, you can easily make your deposit/withdrawal, money transfer and payment transactions through the POS device!


SifreMobile is an application that is used to generate single-use passwords for Internet Branch logins, transaction confirmations, e-commerce transactions.

Mobile Confirmation

You can perform transactions more easily by clicking the notification sent to Albaraka Mobile instead of SMS in logging in to our Internet Branch and transaction confirmation.

Easy Address Identification

By defining an ''Easy Address'' for your Albaraka accounts, you can make your money transfer transactions faster and easier.

Opening Silver Account

From now on, you can open a silver account on the Internet Branch, make your silver buying and selling transactions and make your investments in Albaraka Turk with confidence.

Branch Orders

With this function on Transactions menu, you can confirm your internal transfer, Wire Transfer, EFT and Foreign Currency Transactions orders given to the branch, and view your pending and past orders.

Display of Profile Information

You can view your registered address , e-mail , telephone information and education and occupation information.

Money Withdrawal with QR from Other Banks' ATMs

With Albaraka Mobile, you can withdraw money from other bank ATMs with QR. You can withdraw money by scanning the QR code available on other Bank's ATM screens by clicking on ''Other Banks'' tab in QR Transactions > QR Withdrawal menu via Albaraka Mobile.

HGS Transactions

HGS balances can be inquired and HGS balance loading transactions can be performed on your Albaraka Mobile through the steps of Transaction> Payments> HGS Transactions.

Sukuk Certificate

You can buy and sell sukuk certificates through the steps of Transaction> Investment Transactions> Sukuk Certificate Transactions. Sukuk is an interest-free capital market product that gives the right to own an asset or to benefit from it, provides its investors with fixed or variable returns in certain periods, and can be traded in secondary markets.

Fund Buying / Selling

You can perform your Fund Buying / Selling transactions by using your Albaraka Saving account from this menu. You can continue your transaction by selecting the fund you want to buy and entering the number or amount information.

Investment Portfolio Information

From the Investment Portfolio Information menu, you can view your Lease Certificates, Stock Certificates and Funds, and you can view detailed information such as the count, unit cost, total profit / loss, change, total value of your investments.

Religious Affairs Payments

Now, you can make your Hajj Preliminary Collection, Hajj Final Collection, Hajj Health Personnel Exam payments and you can submit a final registration refund request. You can also pay for Umrah and create a refund request.

Opening Investment Account

You can perform all your investment-related banking transactions, including tracking your investment products with Albaraka Mobile.

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