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Profitable Account

All of our participation accounts, which we call "Profitable Account", offer the most profitable and suitable account type for you.

With Bal Kaymak Account, you can transfer 30% of your investment amount to your participation account and 70% of your investment amount to your investment account with the sale of a lease certificate so that you can evaluate your savings profitably.

YUVAM Account

With the Yuvam account, our customers residing abroad will be able to convert their savings into TL with the CBRT's special exchange rate.

Conversion Supported Currency Protected TL Participation Account

Our customers, who convert their USD, EUR or GBP savings to TL, which they had on or before 20.12.2021, gain protection against exchange rate change in addition to their profit share returns. 

Currency Protected TL Participation Account

While you continue to receive dividends for your Turkish Lira savings, our product that will protect your income against the exchange rate increase in foreign currency, the Currency Protected TL Participation Account is at Albaraka!

Interim Profit Share Payments

With Participation Account with Interim Profit Share Payments, your profit share is paid in monthly, quaterly or biannualy periods to your account with 1 year maturity upon your preference.

Cumulative Participation Account

It is a type of participation account that helps you make best use of your savings with a high profit share rate and you can open it with a 3-year maturity by taking advantage of low income tax withholding.

Marriage Account

If you are under the age of 24, you can both benefit from state contributions up to 25% and make best use of savings with the Marriage Account you will open at Albaraka Turk.

Housing Account

With the Housing Account you will open, you can benefit from the state contribution of up to 20% for your first and only house purchase and increase your savings with a high profit share rate.