Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

Desktop IP POS

It is the POS that is used without creating extra cost for connection without exceeding the current internet fee of the merchant.


If you make intensive sales outside of the office, Mobile POS is just for you! Thanks to its portable use, it can be easily carried anywhere.

Mail Order POS

These are the terminals where the card information required for provision can be obtained from the customer without the need for card plastic.

Fax Order POS

As for  the Fax Order POS, there is no need for a POS terminal to be installed at the merchant. As a company, you define your receivables as a campaign in the list.

Virtual POS

As Albaraka Türk, we have been established  e-POS system in order to enable you make sales in your virtual stores safely, e-POS System provides you with a new sales channel.

Cash Register POS

New generation Cash Register POS,namely Payment Recording Devices (PRD); are devices with both POS and Cash Register hardware.