International Issues Outstanding

As an international bank Albaraka Turk issued several Sukuk Issuances to diversify its funding base and strenghthened its Capital Structure by taping funds from international investors with substantial demand. Senior, and Perpetual Additional Tier 1 issuances have already taken their places in our foreign currency sukuk issuance list and from now on we would like to sustain our pioneering role in international Islamic Capital Market.

Issuer Name Ticker Issue Date Maturity CPN(%) Original Amount Sold Currency First Settle Date Maturity Type ISIN First Call Date
Albaraka Sukuk Ltd. ALBRK 30.11.2015 30.11.2025 %9,371 250.000.000 USD 30.11.2015 CALLABLE XS1301525207 30.11.2020
Bereket One Ltd. ALBRK 20.02.2018 Perpetual %10 205.000.000 USD 20.02.2018 PERP/CALL XS1772390628 20.02.2023