Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

As SME, you can quickly carry out collection of payments expected from the dealers and companies you sell products and services to over the information processing network of Albaraka Turk.

If you are a dealer or a company owner, you can make your payments without any costs, you can purchase goods from sellers with maturity and high in amounts.

Advantages for Vendors

  • If you are SME working with a dealership system or sell goods or services to a large number of customers, you can benefit from the advantages of Direct Debiting System.
  • You can collect your payments quickly, and increase your profits by focusing on your business rather than wasting time with collection.
  • You can collect your receivables from the current account or DDS limit of your customer.
  • You can instantly check your collections via our Internet Branch.
  • You can include as many collection transactions as you like in the system.

Advantages for Dealers and Enterprises

  • You can make your payments for goods or services automatically from your account or by using a fund from Albaraka Türk through your defined DDS account.
  • With DDS, you can use SME Eco Package for 3 months free of charge.*
  • You can make your payments without any expenses, and without wasting any time with wire transfer and EFT transactions.
  • You can buy goods and services with affordable prices with maturity and increase your profitability.
  • You can instantly check your cash flow via corporate internet banking service.
  • For more information about and application for Direct Debiting System, you can contact us by visiting our nearest branch or via

*For 3 months free of charge SME Eco package, our customers are required to join Albaraka Fuel Management System (FMS), have corporate internet banking and 2 automatic payment order or Bill Paying Account products. The SME Eco Package offers free check collection from 30 branches, 3 KKB risk reports, 3 KKB check reports, and 3 bill collection services.