Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

As Albaraka Türk, we attach utmost importance to your safety. In order to keep this at the highest level, there are some issues that our customers should pay attention to when they are using their card.

Your responsibility regarding your credit card starts from the moment you receive the card information and/or the card. You should fill the required information in a way that it will not be visible to others.

Please sign the sign 6 in the back of your card as soon as you receive your card. You should not store your card in easy-to-reach places and take precautions to prevent third parties from getting it.

Your card, card information and password are special for you, you should not share them with third parties.

In case of a change in your contact address, phone number or sign, you need to go to Albaraka Türk branches or call 0850 222 5 666 to notify within 15 days at the latest from the date of change.

In case your card information and password are taken by someone else, your card is lost or stolen, or if any transaction takes place without your knowledge, call Alo Albaraka without delay and have your card closed.

In order to minimize the possibility of your card information falling into the hands of third parties, you should not make e-commerce transactions over the internet connection shared in public places unless it is necessary. You should not share your 3D Secure PIN with anyone.

You may register for BKM Express or Masterpass with the required information. In this way, you will be able to make your e-commerce transactions safely without a need to use your card information in each transaction. 

In case the card is closed due to loss/stolen, the cardholder is responsible for 150 TL of the illegal expenditures realized within 24 hours before the loss or theft notification and for all the expenditures before this 24-hour period. All the risks and responsibilities due to no notifying and not cancelling the card belongs to the cardholder.