Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

If you are planning to establish your dream business, develop your business or renew the technology you use, you have a financial partner like Albaraka Leasing.

We have prepared a balanced borrowing model suitable for your equity and cash flow! Albaraka Türk is ready to support you with its experienced and expert team, international relations and financial strength.

Albaraka Türk purchases the investment property you prefer in accordance with the sector you operate in, leases it to your company and transfers it to you for a symbolic price at the end of the lease and contract period.


  • Your cash stays in your pocket. It provides up to 100% financing support in your investment projects, allowing you to manage your cash flow more easily
  • It provides medium and long term borrowing opportunities.
  • You benefit from operational conveniences.. All your transactions such as import, purchase, insurance, etc. are carried out by Albaraka Türk, which has the most experienced teams in the sector.
  • It provides financing of goods procured from more than one vendor under a single contract.
  • It offers a flexible repayment plan suitable for your cash flow.
  • It offers the opportunity to borrow in TL and foreign currency (USD and EUR).
  • It provides the opportunity to make your investments with a 1% VAT rate specific to leasing (See VAT Notification).
  • Your rent payments remain the same throughout the contract year. Thus, your payments are not affected by economic fluctuations.
  • It provides the opportunity to pay the VAT of your investment in installments. Albaraka Türk pays the purchase VAT of your investment in cash, you pay in installments in proportion to your rents.
  • Tax Advantage: You can deduct the profit rate portion of your rental invoices issued by Albaraka Türk from the tax base by showing the expense.

We invite you to Albaraka Türk branches to benefit from these advantages.