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Albaraka Coronavirus and Recommendations

Albaraka Türk, along with Turkey and the whole world under the influence of the very rapid spread of risk, which announced the measures against the corona virus outbreak. In line with the measures set by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, Albaraka Türk has been implementing a series of new practices from today, in addition to the hygiene efforts it initiated for its employees and customers, without interrupting banking services, in order to minimize risks to public health. Applications implemented by Albaraka for the health of its customers:

  • Albaraka, which has the necessary infrastructure to maintain all banking functions without interruption, will be recommended to customers to choose the bank's digital banking channels for non-cash transactions, and will be directed to Albaraka Internet Banking and Albaraka Mobile through information channels. However, for those who want to get service from branches, all kinds of services are provided completely.
  • All EFT, money transfers made via Albaraka Mobile and Internet Branch are carried out for FREE.
  • It is possible to send Turkish Lira (7/24 Transfer) to contracted banks outside of working hours and on weekends via Albaraka Mobile and Internet Branch.
  • Customers who do not have any Albaraka Mobile and Internet Branch passwords and who forget or block their passwords can easily and quickly receive passwords over the internet and mobile using their card information.
  • The daily ATM withdrawal limit, which is 2,000 TL for the cash withdrawal needs of the customers, has been increased to 5,000 TL.
  • With the collaboration with PTT, all Albaraka customers can make FREE deposits from over 3800 PTT ATMs.
  • With the cooperation with PTT, all Albaraka customers can perform their deposit and credit card debt payments for FREE from 4000+ PTT branches.
  • In addition, customers can perform money withdrawals / deposits from other bank ATMs for FREE in any problem that may arise during deposit and withdrawal transactions from AlbarakaTurk ATMs.
  • All credit cards of AlbarakaTurk are contactless; It offers all customers the opportunity to make their payments without contact.
  • For customers who want to make their payments by card instead of cash, Albaraka cards, which offer instant card delivery from their branches, do not charge any membership fees.
  • Considering the risk created by crowded environments, employees who do not have to actually be present in all Albaraka buildings will move to home work system, while the necessary number of employees will be available so as not to affect the service processes in the branches.
  • In order to reduce the density in branch service areas for customers' health, customers will be taken to branch service areas in a controlled manner.
  • At this point, Albaraka recommends that all customers, unless it is not oblıgatory, do not leave their homes, do not go to branches, they prefer to use contactless payments in their purchases using a debit card or credit card, and those who need cash should perform their transactions through Albaraka ATMs with a QR code. The practices that Albaraka has implemented for the health of its employees:
  • Albaraka; without division of the general directorate, regional directorate or branch, has ensured that all employees in the risk group defined by the Ministry of Health stay in their homes with the opportunity to work remotely.
  • Hygiene products for protection are provided for the employees and necessary information is provided on the usage methods.
  • All meetings and events have been canceled, and in cases of necessity, communication will be established via remote access.
  • In this process, the use of leave is recommended primarily for pregnant and chronic illness workers. Branch Working Hours Arrangement
  • Within the scope of coronavirus measures, our branch service hours have been arranged as 09:30-17:00 starting from 17.11.2020 until the second notice. Click the links below to install the Albaraka Mobile application on your mobile phone and tablet.