Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

You can use Albaraka ATMs with your Albaraka debit or credit cards, 365 days 24 hours.

You can save your time by easily performing all your transactions via Albaraka ATMs without waiting in line at the branch.

If you do not have any of Albaraka cards, you can apply to our branches and get a card quickly.

You can reach the nearest Albaraka ATM here.

Features of Albaraka ATMs

  • You can perform many banking transactions such as withdrawing money from Albaraka ATMs, depositing money, paying credit card debt, and paying bills without going to the branch.
  • In addition to transactions made with debit cards and credit cards, you can also make transactions from the cardless transaction menu.
  • By using Albaraka Mobile, you can perform your money withdrawal / deposit transactions with QR code.
  • Our visually impaired customers can perform transactions via audio.
  • You can perform transactions in Turkish / English / Arabic via our ATMs.
  • The transactions that can be performed via our ATMs are as the following:
    • Account Transactions, deposits, withdrawals (TL, USD, EUR)
    • Money Transfer
    • Bill, Tax, SSI (SGK), Religious Affairs and other institutional payments
    • TL Top-up (From Account-Cash)
    • Donation
    • Credit Card Transactions
    • Foreign Exchange, Gold and Fund Transactions
    • SIM Unblocking Operations
    • Phone E-mail Transactions
    • Card Password Transactions
    • Digital Channel Membership Transactions

Security Measures at ATMs

The card password is personal information. Do not share your password with anyone, including our Bank's personnel, do not write it down anywhere, do not show it to anyone else, take maximum care to protect confidentiality during use.

When setting your password, do not use such information such as your phone number, card number or date of birth, which can be easily guessed by others

When you encounter a suspicious situation at the ATM (a specially installed device, etc.), inform your Bank immediately.

Do not get help from anyone while performing the transaction.

If your card is captured in the ATM, call Alo Albaraka at 0 850 222 5 666. Do not use the phones of people you do not know when you need a call.

Do not leave the ATM before your transaction is completed.

Transaction Hours

Transaction Hours
Withdrawal/Deposit 7/24
Payments   7/24
Account and Card Information Inquiry       7/24
Wire Transfer 7/24
EFT 08:30 - 17:15*
Credit Card Transactions 7/24

* EFT transactions can be carried out during working hours excluding holidays.

Is card required to perform transaction via ATM?

  • There is no need to carry a physical card to perform transactions via TM.
  • Albaraka Mobile users can deposit and withdraw money with the QR code even if their cards are not with them.
  • You can perform transactions without using a card from the cardless transactions menu.

How money withdrawal/deposit can be performed with QR Code?

You can read the QR code on the ATM screen with the Albaraka Mobile app and quickly withdraw and deposit funds.

Which transactions can be performed from cardless transaction menu?

  • Money Deposit
  • Payments
  • Consumer Financing Payment
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Institutional Payments (Cash-From Account)
  • Bill Payments (Electiricity, Water, Natural Gas, Telecommunication)
  • SSI (SGK)
  • Religious Affairs
  • ÖSYM
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Housing Payments
  • Special Collections (Police Department Foundation)
  • TL Top-up (Cash-From Account)
  • FX Buying / Selling (Only via Recycle-featured ATMs)

Which FX transactions can be made via Albaraka ATMs?

You can withdraw USD, EUR currency via our ATMs which dispenses foreign currency. Please click to see the list of ATMs which dispenses foreign currency.

Which steps should I follow if ATM captures my card?

You can call Alo Albaraka at 0850 222 5 666 or you can visit our branches in case of your card being captured by ATM.

Which steps should I follow if ATM catures my money?

Systemic or hardware related malfunctions may ocur in ATMs time to time, and your money may be captured depending on the wear and tear of the money. In such a case, you can call Alo Albaraka at 0850 222 5 666 or visit our branches. After the examinations are made, necessary corrections will be made as soon as possible and you will be informed.

What is the daily withdrawal limit from ATM?

Your daily withdrawal limit is 5,000 TL with card, 10,000 TL with QR, a total of 15,000 TL.