Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

Money Withdrawal with QR Code

If you do not have your debit card with you or you do not want to carry a debit card and want to make your transaction faster, you can withdraw money from our ATMs by scanning the QR Code on Albaraka Mobile.

Money Deposit with QR Code

If you want to make your money deposit without carrying a debit card, you can make your money deposit transaction via our ATMs by scanning the QR Code via Albaraka Mobile..

24/7 TL Transfer

Now, you can transfer money 24/7 from your Albaraka Turk accounts up to 5000 TL outside of EFT hours. It is enough to be an Internet / Mobile Banking user in order to benefit from our 24/7 TL Transfer service.

Albaraka Assistant

Albaraka Assistant, which you can communicate byaudio or text, helps you with all your banking questions.

Face Recognition

Face recognition is a new generation secure login method. In the login page to Albaraka Mobile, there is a face recognition icon next to the password field

Repeat Transaction

You can re-perform the wire  transfer or EFT transaction you have previously performed on Albaraka Mobile or the Internet Branch.

Mobile Confirmation

You can perform transactions more easily by clicking the notification sent to Albaraka Mobile instead of SMS in logging in to our Internet Branch and transaction confirmation.


SifreMobile is an application that is used to generate single-use passwords for Internet Branch logins, transaction confirmations, e-commerce transactions (3D Secure).

You can make Easy Transfer (FAST) from your Albaraka accounts to other banks 24/7 without IBAN. Moreover, it is free!

Thanks to the QR code, you can easily make your deposit/withdrawal, money transfer and payment transactions through the POS device!