Albaraka Mobil
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You can keep your Electronic Product Certificate in Albaraka Investment Account and peform your Electronic Product Certificate issuance, purchase sale and cancellation transactions with our bank’s investment account.

You can open our investment account quickly via Albaraka Internet Branch

What is ELUS (Electronic Product Certificate) ?

It is an electronic record representing the product extracted and extracted in return for agricultural products delivered to licensed storehouses under the control and supervision of the Ministry of Trade. Products affiliated to ELUS are under the quarantee of Licensed Storehouse System.

Transactions you can make through our bank;

ELUS Issuance: When agricultural products are delivered to licensed storehouses, ELUSs created by the licensed storehouse will be automatically transferred to the investment accounts at our bank and can be stored in these accounts.

ELUS Trading: Anyone who registers with TÜRİB through the Commodity Exchange of their province will be able to purchase and sell ELÜS through the TÜRİB trading platform.

ELUS Transfer: Anyone who has an ELUS in their investment account will be able to transfer their ELUS to their own accounts at another bank or intermediary institution.

ELUS Cancellation: Investors who want to physically receive their agricultural products from licensed storehouses can be canceled through our bank.

ELUS Secured Loan: Customers who have ELUS in their investment account and want to use a loan from our Bank will be able to show their ELUS as collateral without the need for another intermediary institution.

For detailed information and application visit our nearest branch.