Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

Corporate Financing Support

If you are an SME that wants to grow business and need financing, financial support is from Albaraka with the most suitable repayment option for you!

Project Financing

You can get long-term financial support for your investment projects with the funds Albaraka Turk obtains from international sources.

Invoice Collateralized DDS Financing

With “Invoice Collateralized DDS Financing”, parent companies are able to use financing by collateralizing the invoices that they upload to DDS system.

Sukuk Guaranteed Financing

You can use your sukuk certificates that you evaluate in Albaraka as a collateral in your finances and finalize your transactions fast.

Elüs Guaranteed Financing

ELUS Guaranteed Financing is a cash financing product where electronic product bills are evaluated as collateral in return for cash and funds are utilized by using ELUS as collateral.

Supplier Financing

Companies, which have forward receivables with the Supplier Financing System (SFS), can use financing by giving their receivables to Albaraka Turk as collateral.