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Electronic Device Insurance

All damages that may occur to devices within the scope of Electronic Device Insurance are covered.

Ship and Boat Insurance

Commercial or special purpose recreational boats are guaranteed to be damaged at sea, on land or on the boatyard. You can benefit from Ship and Boat Insurance.

Construction All Risk Insurance

Construction All Risk guarantees all kinds of construction projects  from the first day of construction until the day the project is completed or delivered, with guarantees suitable for your risks.

Leasing All Risk Insurance

It guarantees that the damages on machinery and equipment subject to leasing  that may occur as a result of a sudden and unexpected accident are covered up to the insurance amount stated on the policy.

Machine Break Insurance

Damage to the manufactured or assembled machinery and installation, steam and gas engines, pumps, air compressors are secured with this insurance.

Assembly All Risk Insurance

 It ensures any loss or damage while the values constituting its subject are in the assembly field within the guarantee period.

Transportation Insurance

It is an insurance product that can compensate the damages that may occur during the transportation of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products by transportation vehicles.

POS Insurance

POS Insurance guarantees your POS devices in your workplace as covered under the general terms of electronic device insurance against various risks.

Transporting Money and Securities Insurance

With Transported Money Insurance, you can protect your money and assets carried to banks or other workplaces against many risks that may arise during their transportation.

Fire Insurance

With Fire Insurance, you can secure your residence or business building, furniture, fixtures and commodities against unexpected situations such as fire, lightning, theft, explosion and flood.

Compulsory Highways Transportation Financial Liability Insurance

It guarantees material damages that may arise as a result of an accident, including breaks and stops, from the departure point to the arrival point of the vehicle.

Compulsory Highway Transportation Seat Personal Accident Insurance

Passengers, drivers and assistants traveling within the scope of domestic and international passenger transportation are guaranteed against all kinds of accidents.