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No more expenses at Albaraka!

Campaign Start Date & End Date
11.09.2023 - 31.12.2024

As Albaraka Türk, we offer free banking with the passion of producing solutions for the financial needs of our customers in the digitalized world.

You can also become an Albaraka member via video call, carry out your transactions via mobile branch and internet branch, and enjoy fee-free banking.

Fee-Free Account(Masrafsız Hesap)

Account management fees will not be collected from all TL, Foreign Currency or Gold current and participation accounts opened at Albaraka Turk, without any conditions.

Fee-Free Money Transfer(Masrafsız Para Transferi)

Domestic interbank TL currency EFT, Money Order and FAST transactions are free of charge at Albaraka Mobile, Internet Branch and Albaraka ATMs.

Fee-free Foreign Exchange Transfer(Masrafsız Döviz Havalesi)

  • Foreign exchange transfers from one Albaraka Türk account to another Albaraka Türk account are also free of charge.
  • There is no bank transaction fee for SWIFT transactions via internet and mobile; there is only a short SWIFT fee (25 USD) and a long swift fee (40 USD). SWIFT transaction from the branch is not within the scope of free money transfer.                                                            

Free Debit and Credit Card(Masrafsız Banka ve Kredi Kartı)

No dues or fees are paid for Debit Cards and Credit Cards.

Transaction Opportunity from More than 8500 ATMs(8500’den Fazla ATM’den İşlem İmkanı)

Albaraka Türk customers will be able to use more than 4700 Yapı Kredi Bank ATMs and PTTmatiks throughout Turkey free of charge, as well as Albaraka Türk ATMs.

Other Transactions You Can Perform Free from Mobile, Internet Branch and ATMs (Mobil, İnternet Şubesi ve ATM'lerden Ücretsiz Yapabileceğiniz Diğer İşlemler)

  • EFT, Money Transfer, FAST Transactions
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Tax Payments
  • SSI Payments
  • Foreign Exchange Buying / Selling
  • TL Deposit Process
  • Religious Affairs Payments
  • Housing Payments (Birevim, Eminevim)
  • Chamber of Commerce Payments
  • Bill Payments
  • MTV Payments
  • Traffic Fine Payments
  • HGS Installation Process
  • Donation Payments
  • Hajj-Umrah Payments
  • Tax Payments

3 withdrawals up to 3,000 TL, 3 deposits up to 50,000 TL and 3 credit card debt payment transactions will be offered free of charge from Yapı Kredi Bank ATMs. You can withdraw money from PTT Matics up to 5,000 TL without any restriction on the number of transactions.

Relevant transactions cannot be made on Albaraka Mobile.