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There is now a Bal Kaymak Account to get returns from both the participation account and the lease certificate!

With Bal Kaymak Account, you can transfer 50% of your investment amount to your participation account and 50% of your investment amount to your investment account with the sale of a lease certificate so that you can evaluate your savings profitably.


  • You can open Bal Kaymak Account with minimum 50.000 TL and maximum 500.000 TL.
  • You can open in TL currency with a minimum maturity of 32 days.
  • For the Participation Account side, our standard profit sharing rates will apply.
  • The rate of return of the lease certificate can be seen at the opening of the account.
  • No additional cash deposit will be made to the account, even on the same day after opening the Bal Kaymak Account. If you want to additional cash deposit, you can open a new Bal Kaymak Account.
  • Once the account has expired, money will not be added to the account and the account will not be renewed. The participation account will be transferred to your current account with the profit and the lease certificates will be transferred to your current account with the return and the account will be closed.
  • There will be no partial withdrawal from the Honey Kaymak Account. The account only can be closed before maturity date. When the account is closed the balance will be transferred to your current account without dividend distribution to the participation account and lease certificate.
  • Bal Kaymak Account, you can open between 08:30 - 16:00. Also Account closures can only be made between the same hours.
  • Bal Kaymak Account can be currently opened only in our branches. Closing operations can be done between 08:30 - 16:00 hours, both on the internet / mobile and only on business days from our branches.
  • Gains arising from the purchase and sale of lease certificates in the Investment Account are subject to 15% income tax withholding. The standard procedure applies to the participation account.

We are looking forward you to our nearest branch for opening Bal Kaymak Account