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The Participation Account with Interim Profit Share Payments is an account opened with a year term that allows profit shares to be paid preferably monthly, quarterly or biannually. Therefore, you can both save with a higher profit share rate and take the advantage of lower Income Tax.


  • You can open this account in TL, USd and EUR currencies.
  • There are interim period of 1, 3 and 6 month profit share payment options.
  • You can withdraw partially up to 2 times and up to 50% of the principal amount in total before the maturity.
  • Profit share is not added to the principal amount and transferred to the Special Current Account you specify when opening the account.

Note: In case that any transaction is performed other than these rules or if the account is closed before its maturity date, 50% of the profit shared from the date of opening / renewal of the account is taken back as required by legal obligation.

Up to 200.000 TL of the total of personal accounts is secured by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (SDIF).