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All of our participation accounts, which we call “Profitable Account”, offer the most profitable and suitable account type for you.

Funds collected in our participation accounts within the framework of the profit loss partnership are shared between Profitable account holders and Albaraka Türk.

Funds collected with Profitable Account are used for the financing of industry, trade and service sectors in line with our “Interest-free Banking” principle.

You can benefit from our different Profitable Account types according to your needs and wishes.

Besides, all EFT and Money Transfer transactions that you will make via Albaraka Mobile, Internet Branch, ATM and Alo Albaraka are free of charge! Moreover, there is no Account Operation Fee!


  • These are the participation accounts which grows with the profit obtained through interest-free financing that Albaraka Türk provides.
  • You can open your Profitable Account in TL, USD, EUR and Gold currencies.
  • You can open with a minimum limit of 250 TL, Dollar or Euro.
  • You can open it with a term of 1 month, 3 months 6 months or 1 year.
  • You can also use the periodical profit share option for 1 year and longer term accounts.
  • You can open a Profitable Account with a flexible (minimum 32, maximum 1095 days) period that you can set.
  • You can withdraw the money in your account within the maturity terms. (With the special permission of Albaraka Türk, you can withdraw your money before the maturity date. Profit share will be deposited into your account over the remaining amount on maturity date.)
  • Due to legal obligation, income tax is deducted from the gross earnings of your profit. You can reach withholding rates from the tabs above.
  • The portion of real person accounts up to 2000.000 TL is guaranteed by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (SDIF).

Profitable Accounts

Fixed Term Account

If you want to fix your maturity date on the same day of every month regardless of weekend or holiday, Fixed Term Account is for you!


  • You can open in TL / USD / EUR / Gold currencies with a one-month term.
  • The maturity date of your Fixed Term Account will be on the same day of every month. If the due dates coincide with the holidays, you do not have to wait for the business days, as the distribution of profits will be made on the holidays.
  • As the maturity date of the Fixed Term Account coincides with the holiday day, since our branches will be closed, money can be deposited only via ATM and money transfer to the account (automatic money transfer or manual money transfer from other channels). If you wish, you can also transfer the money automatically on the maturity date by giving automatic payment order from the desired current account before the maturity date.
  • There will be a maximum deposit limit on maturities on holidays.

We are waiting for you to our nearest branch to open a Fixed Term Account.

Bal Kaymak Account

If you want to get a return from both the participation accounts and the sukukh certificates, Bal Kaymak Account is with you!

With the Bal Kaymak Account, you can transfer 50% of your investment amount to the participation account and transfer 50% of the investment amount to the investment account with sukukh certificate so you can profitably grow your participation.


  • You can open a Bal Kaymak Account with minimum 50.000 TL and maximum 500.000 TL.
  • You can open in TL currency with a minimum term of 32 days.

We are waiting for you to our nearest branch to open Bal Kaymak Account.

Profitable Gold

Profitable Gold Account is the participation account you have opened in gold. By purchasing gold, you can open your Profitable Gold Account by visiting the nearest Albaraka Turk Branch or via our Internet Branch or Alo Albaraka (0850 222 5 666).


  • You can start to use the Profitable Gold Account, which is exempted from the account operation fee, by purchasing 150 gr for 1 month term, 100 gr for 32 days or more term.
  • You can eliminate any risk of loss or theft of your gold.
  • You can open your account with 1-month, 3-month, 6-month or 1-year term. Also, you can open a flexible term deposit account with minimum 32 days and maximum 1095 days.
  • You can physically receive your gold in your account in multiples of 1 kg if requested 5 business days before.
  • You can open a new Profitable Gold Account as using your Private Current Account or your Gold Stock Account.

NOTE: Your Profitable Gold Account is under insurance provided by Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (SDIF) (Article 63 of the Banking Law) up to 150,000 TL.

Cumulative Hajj / Umrah Account

A very advantageous account is from Albaraka Türk for customers who want to go to Hajj or Umrah! Make a good use of your savings with high profit share thanks to the Cumulative Hajj / Umrah Account that you can open with 32-91 days maturity term.


  • There is no age restriction fot this account. You can also open this account for your children.
  • Even you haven’t applied for Hajj, you can open Cumulative Hajj / Umrah Account.

You can visit our nearest branch to open a Cumulative Hajj / Umrah Account.