Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

Albaraka Assistant is a digital banking assistant working with an artificial intelligence infrastructure that enables our customers to perform their banking transactions via audio and text. Our customers can transfer money by talking to Assistant and they can also pay bills just by talking.

To give an example of banking transactions that Albaraka Assistant can;

  • Transfer money from saved EFT and wire transfer transactions,
  • Pay saved bill payment transactions,
  • Show the balance and information of your accounts,
  • List information about your credit card and virtual cards such as current debt, available limit, account cut-off date and last payment date,
  • List FX rates such as Dollar, Euro or Russian Ruble,
  • Provide shortcuts such as "I forgot my password, what can I do", which enables the customer to make good use of their time,
  • Provide information about all the transactions you can perform via Albaraka Mobile, if you wish, you can say the transaction you want to perform without having to search the relevant menu, and direct you to the relevant screen or web address,
  • Provide instant information about our products and services.

    Download Albaraka Mobile right now and greet our chatbot Albaraka Assistant!