Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

As Albaraka Türk, we care about your security and would like to inform you about some issues regarding your ATM transaction security.

  • You can also make withdrawals and deposits from Albaraka ATMs by scanning a QR code from Albaraka Mobile instead of using a card; so you will reduce physical contact.
  • You can securely withdraw and deposit money from Albaraka ATMs with your chip card.
  • Credit card and debit card password is personal information. Do not share your password with anyone, including our Bank's personnel, do not write it anywhere, do not show it to anyone else, and take utmost care to protect confidentiality during use.
  • When determining your password, do not use information that can be easily guessed by others, such as your phone number, card number or date of birth.
  • Inform your Bank immediately when you encounter a suspicious situation at the ATM where you make a transaction.
  • Do not get help from anyone while making a transaction.
  • If your card gets stuck in an ATM, call Alo Albaraka at 0 850 222 5 666. Do not use the phone of people you do not know when a call is required.
  • Do not leave the ATM before your transaction is completed.