Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

Digital Banking

Albaraka Mobile

Albaraka Mobile is offered for your use by taking your security standards into consideration. Many innovations are waiting for you in Albaraka Mobile where you can experience the pleasure of Digital Banking!


Internet Branch

You can perform many banking transactions that you can perform at our branches using our Internet Branch quickly from where you are, and you can reach from many points of the world 24/7 without interruption.


You can spare more time by realizing all your transactions at Albaraka ATMs without waiting in line at the branch. If you do not have an Albaraka credit card or debit card, you can apply to our branches and get a card quickly.

Dealer Financing

You can buy the product / service you want without wasting time from the company you want. You can easily make your payments by using Dealer Financing.

Albaraka Assistant

Albaraka Assistant, which you can communicate byaudio or text, helps you with all your banking questions.


Albaraka Alneo POS is a new payment platform that enables your company to make easy collection and your customers to make more practical payments regardless of the physical POS device.

The processes of creating, managing, transferring and collecting bonds are now digitalized with SEMOSİS. It offers individuals and institutions the opportunity to create special vouchers with a QR code kept in Albaraka systems. Also allow you to make your bond payments with your credit card, debit card or prepaid card.

Albaraka API

Albaraka API enables fintech ventures to create their own ecosystems by strengthening the link between financial institutions.