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Get your Highway Transition System (HGS) card or sticker you need for highway and bridge transition, and keep going without stopping.

Detailed Information

  • In order to use the Highway Transition System (HGS), you need to have sufficient balance in your account to pay for the transition fee.
  • You can give automatic payment order through your Special Current Account or your Albaraka Turk credit card for your HGS payments.
  • In case the balance of your HGS sticker is not sufficient, the required amount needs to be deposited in 15 days after the transit to the HGS linked account or credit card in order not to be charged additional penalty.
  • For more information on HGS, visit
  • You can use PTT's communication channels for more information on HGS related transition and violation information. To do this, you can send an e-mail to, call 444 17 88 Call Center or contact PTT offices.