Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

You can pay your taxes and fees from your credit cards Internet Branch and Alo Albaraka (0850 222 5 666) and our branches. The taxes you can pay are as follows:

  • Income tax
  • Motor Vehicle Tax
  • 6183 Deferred Collection
  • Higher Education Credit Debt
  • Inheritance And Transfer Tax
  • Highway Transport Law Administrative Fines
  • Adequate Pay Revenues
  • Title Deed Fees
  • Traffic Fines
  • Higher Education Tuition Credit
  • Toll And Administrative Fines
  • Highways Pass Fee
  • Residence Permit Book Sale Price
  • ID Card Sales Fee
  • The Fee From The Abandonment Of The Registration And Annotations Regarding The Transactions Of The Deed Fee
  • Highway Toll / Administrative Fines
  • IPC given in accordance with Article 30/2 of Law No. 6001
  • Debts Structured Under Laws No. 6736, 7020 and 7143
  • Departure Fees (Only Payable via Branches)
  • Passport Fees (Only Payable via Branches)
  • Driver's License Fees (Only Payable via Branches)
  • Driver's License Valuable Paper Fee (Only Payable via Branches)
  • Phone Usage Permit Fee Brought With Passengers (Only Payable via Branches)