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Tuition Installment System is a system through which you can pay your education / dormitory service payments that you will receive from the private education institutions we have contracted, without the need for a credit card and any commission.

In accordance with the payment plan agreed with the parent in the Tuition Installment System, the installment due is paid to the relevant educational institution from its current account.

Advantages of TIS System for Parents and Students

  • You save time when your tution payments are paid automatically from your account.
  • You can easily track your tuition payments through our Internet Branch.
  • You can perform all your banking transactions without paying account operation fee.
  • Any fee other than education and dormitory fee in the contracted institution is not charged.

TIS System Application

  • You can apply to the Tuition Installment System from all our branches.
  • In the application, our parents / students must meet the requirements such as minimum KKB score, income statement.