Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

Thanks to the QR code, you can easily make your deposit/withdrawal, money transfer and payment transactions through the POS device!

You can become an Albaraka Customer by opening your bank account from anywhere without going to the branch, and enjoy QR transactions and cost-free digital banking!

Download Albaraka Mobile now, and we'll open your account instantly by completing your transactions with our video call service!

Payment via QR Code

With the QR code, you can make your payments without carrying your card with you! You can easily make your payment by scanning the QR code on the POS machine by clicking the Make Payment button in the QR Transactions menu of Albaraka Mobile.

* You can choose your credit card, debit card, virtual credit card and digital debit card as a payment method.

Money Transfer via QR Code

Now, you can easily make your money transfers with a QR code without the need to enter IBAN number! You can view the QR codes specific to your accounts from the Share QR menu in Albaraka Mobile, and share the QR code with the people who will send you money without the need for IBAN information. To send money, you can easily make your transfer transaction without entering IBAN and recipient information from the Send Money with QR menu.

*Moreover, with Cost-Free Banking, you do not pay any fees for your 24/7 FAST, EFT and money transfer transactions!

Deposit/Withdrawal via QR Code

With Albaraka Mobile, you can deposit/withdraw money from ATMs via QR code, without the need for a card! By entering the QR Transactions menu, selecting the amount from the Withdraw or Deposit options, you can deposit or withdraw money from your accounts by scanning the QR code on the ATM screen. Moreover, thanks to QR, you can withdraw money from ATMs of other banks as well as Albaraka ATMs!* Money deposits via QR can only be made from our bank's ATMs.

*You can withdraw your money via QR by scanning the QR code on ATMs of Ziraat Bank, YapıKredi, QNB Finansbank, Akbank, Vakıfbank, İşbank, TEB, Garanti Bank, ING Bank, ICBC and Kuveyttürk banks. You can withdraw money from other banks only from your accounts linked to your debit card. You can connect your accounts to your debit card via our Internet Branch or by calling Alo Albaraka.”