Albaraka Mobil
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What is SifreMobile?

SifreMobile is an application that is used to generate single-use passwords for Internet Branch logins, transaction confirmations, e-commerce transactions (3D Secure).

It can be used by our customers who activate the Albaraka Mobile application.

How to use SifreMobile?

  • Download the current version of Albaraka Mobile from application stores.
  • Perform the activation process of Albaraka Mobile application and determine the 4-digit PIN during this process.
  • Select "SifreMobile" in the "Login Method" field on the screen displayed after entering your customer number and fixed password in our Internet Branch.
  • Then click on the "Mobile Confirmation" icon on Albaraka Mobile's home page. By entering your PIN information, you can generate a single-use password and log into our Internet Branch with this password.