Sukuk certificate in TRY currency issued by Albaraka Türk Participation Bank are now in our internet branch!

If you have an investment account that you have opened within Albaraka Türk, you can evaluate your savings with sukuk certificates at current rates through the Internet Branch; If you do not have an investment account, you can open an investment account through the “Investment” menu in our Internet Branch.

What is Sukuk?

The Sukuk certificate is an interest-free capital market product that grants the right to own or benefit from an asset, provides fixed or variable returns to its investors in certain periods, and can be traded in secondary markets.

With the current market rates, between the hours determined during the day (10: 00-16: 00), you can sell the secondary market sukuk certificates in your portfolio to our bank or you can buy in our bank's stock.

You can follow current rates and portfolio status under the “Investment” menu of our Internet branch.

For sukuk issuance of Albaraka Türk Participation Bank, source organization is Albaraka Türk Participaiton A.Ş. and the issuer is Bereket Asset Rent A.Ş.