What is mutual funds?

Investment Funds is the process of investing the savings collected in a pool by distributing them to various capital market instruments such as sukuk certificates and stocks in a balanced way.

You can benefit from the return as much as your participation amount.

The advantages you will obtain with the investment fund you will open from Albaraka Türk are as follows:

  • Management by professional fund managers,
  • Minimizing the risk due to the diversification of securities that can be added to the investment fund portfolio by constantly monitoring the markets by experts, such as fixed income, foreign currency indexed and stock,
  • Protection of transactions that require time and resource usage such as maturity follow-up, collection,
  • Easily convertible to cash,
  • Because the increases in the value of the fund are reflected to the portfolio value on a daily basis, the opportunity to convert both the amount of the need and the entire amount to money at any time, together with the fund's processed income,
  • The advantage of being a partner in large investments with small savings,
  • If you are an individual investor, you can invest in vehicles that are difficult to access.

You can trade your investment fund that you have opened in Albaraka Türk through our branches and Internet Branch.