Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

The journey of Albaraka Banking Group, one of the leading participation banking groups in the world which started in 1985 in Turkey continues today with the steps we take towards being the best participation bank in the world.

As Albaraka, we know our responsibility from being the first participation bank established in Turkey. In this sense, we see achieving the goals we determined and set with the support of Albaraka Banking Group among our priorities. Some of our ideals are providing excellent service to our clients with client-oriented service, increasing company value in share basis, expanding product range, taking a step forward in technological infrastructure and brand awareness...

In our history of 30 years, our bank realized several changes and renewals required by the periodical conditions while remaining faithful to the foundational values determined at the beginning. Albaraka was always a bank that could achieve its goals in Turkey.

We know that we have to renew ourselves constantly in order to maintain our strong relations and expand our client portfolio. We hope that both our employees and our clients feel the outcomes of the renewal process we put in focus as Albaraka more.

Vision is a meaningless document, just a piece of paper, if it does not have a driving impact on the organization. The vision "To be the best participation bank of the world" is a principle that guides Albaraka and really moves its employees and stakeholders. What moves us more is that this principle does not stay on paper and becomes real in all aspects…

Understanding the client, improving corporate skills in this framework and creating added value for the bank and its clients... I believe that we will carry our bank towards better days with these three values and our clients.


Malek Khodr Temsah
General Manager