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  With the Employer Group Pension plans, you can include all your employees in the Private Pension System (PPS) with the notion of interest-free retirement under special conditions.

  With Employer Group Pension, your employees' loyalty to the organization increases, your employees have the opportunity to receive regular additional income or compensation pension in their retirement. With our corporate plans, you support your employees' dreams of a peaceful future and ensure that they have a safe and happy retirement.


  • Pension plans offered to organizations willing to pay contributions for their employees have more convenient conditions than plans offered to individual participants.

      Depending on criteria such as the number of employees and participants of the group and the total fund size, special advantages such as low management expenses and entrance fee deductions are provided.

    While PPS provides additional income to employees during their retirement period, employers paying on behalf of their employees increase motivation and commitment to the organization.

    In addition, the employer can deduct the amounts paid on behalf of the employees from the corporate tax base by directly expensing up to 15% of the monthly gross wage of each employee and the annual amount of the gross minimum wage annually.