Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

You can make your foreign currency transfers (SWIFT) quickly via Albaraka Mobile, Internet Branch or our branches, and you can transfer money quickly and safely to all over the world.

  • By using Albaraka Mobile or Internet Branch, you can transfer foreign currency to anywhere in the world easily and at more affordable costs, and you can easily access the SWIFT messages of your transfers.
  • You can make your foreign currency transfer (SWIFT) transaction via Albaraka Mobile and Internet branch only by using your Private Current Currency Account. If you do not have a Foreign Exchange Account, you can open an account by following the steps below.
    • Albaraka Mobile>Transaction>Account Transactions>Current Account Opening
    • Internet Branch>Accounts>Account Information>Opening a Special Current Account
  • To perform the Foreign Currency Transfer, you can follow the steps below;
    • Albaraka Mobile>Transaction>Money Transfers>Currency Transfer (SWIFT)
    • Internet Branch>Money Transfer > Foreign Currency Transfer>With Account Number/With IBAN
  • You can follow the steps below to check your foreign currency transfer limit;
    • Albaraka Mobile>Profile/Settings>Login and Application Settings>Security Restrictions
    • Internet Branch > Security and Settings > Transaction Limit Restriction
  • You can follow the steps below to check your SWIFT message that will be generated as a result of the transfer process;
    • Albaraka Mobile>Transaction>Money Transfers>Currency Transfer (SWIFT)>SWIFT Message Tracking
    • Internet Branch>Money Transfer > Currency Transfer > Transaction Tracking and Message Viewing

SWIFT TransactionTracking

With our SWIFT TransactionTracking service, you can monitor every step of your foreign money transfers from our bank, from the moment they exit your account to the moment they reach the receiving bank, step by step. You can access this service from both our Branches and Albaraka Internet Banking.

With our SWIFT TransactionTracking service;

  • The status of your transaction,
  • Intermediary/correspondent bank information of your transaction,
  • Date and time information of the transactions of your transaction at the intermediary/correspondent bank,
  • You can view the waiting times of your transaction at the intermediary/correspondent bank.