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With the Female-specific Critical Diseasess Insurance, you can already secure yourself against difficult times. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your financial situation against different female cancers and your loved ones are safe against loss of life today.

In addition, when you receive a Female-specific Critical Diseasess Insurance, you can benefit from mammography, dental health package and discounted dietitian network with an advantageous service package that you can benefit from once a year without any additional cost, you can protect your health and facilitate your life with these services special for you at every moment of life.

Female-specific Critical Diseasess Insurance offers coverage against life loss and critical female diseases.

With the loss of life assurance; if the insured dies within the period indicated in the contract, the insurance fee is paid as compensation by the insurer within the framework of the terms of the contract and the general conditions of life insurance, if you have not appointed a beneficiary by your insurer.

With the female-specific critical Diseasess insurance; at a date after the coverage date, the guarantee amount specified on the policy is paid in case of a written proof that one of the female-specific cancer diseases mentioned below is diagnosed or operated for the first time in her life.

  • Breast cancer,
  • Uterine cancer,
  • Cervical cancer,
  • Intrauterine cancer,
  • Ovarian cancer,
  • Tubes, vagina / vulva tumors

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