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Complementary Health Insurance is a Complementary Health Insurance product, in which additional fees collected in private health institutions contracted with the Social Security Institution (SGK) are guaranteed.

With the Full Participation Health Insurance, the additional fees occured while the insured and dependents covered by Social Security Institution get health service from the institutions that Katılım Emeklilik has a contract has been quaranteed within the scope of Health Insurance General Conditions and the Special Conditions for Full Participation Health Insurance.

It includes unlimited inpatient treatment coverage that is valid in the institutions that Katılım Emeklilik has contracts and Outpatient Treatment coverage with 8 times a year. In addition, a land ambulance service is also available for emergency use.

Turkish citizens who are covered by general health insurance offered by Socail Security Institution and foreigners can benefit from Full Participation Health Insurance.. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Katılım Emeklilik, people residing within Turkish borders are accepted for insurance. This insurance covers people who are older than 15 day-old and younger than 59 years old. Children older than 15 days and under the age of 18 are not insured individually, but children in this age range can be insured with at least one parent.