Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

Housing Rent

We pay your annual rent in advance to the landlord on behalf of you as a tenant at once; then you can pay back in 12 months in equal installment amount. Thus, both the landlord and the tenant become happy.

Relocation Cost and Real Estate

You can use consumer financing when you need financing support for your relocation fees and all kinds of real estate commission payments during the move.

Restoration Financing

You can apply for financing when you need financing for heat insulation, exterior paint, roof repair, garden maintenance expenses, security and camera systems.

Furniture and Decoration

You can get Furniture Decoration Financing  from Albaraka for all your needs such as white goods, TV, projection device, furniture, home textile, office equipment and home accessories.

Building Completion

With the Building Completion Finance, you can get the financing support you need to complete your house under construction and make your advantageous repayments.

Prefabricated Buildings

If you wish to buy a prefabricated house, Albaraka is with you. With advantageous rates and repayment options, you can meet your financing needs with Prefabricated Financing.

Natural Gas Conversion

Convert your home heating system to natural gas with Albaraka Turk financing, which is the most eco-friendly and economic way of heating, meet your financing needs with the installment options up to 36 months!

Natural Energy System

For natural energy systems such as Solar Energy, Solar Panels, Wind turbines, Water well, Hydrophore, Albaraka is with you for the most suitable financing rates!