For Our Visually Impaired Customers

  • For our visually impaired customers, we offer the opportunity to perform transaction via voice menu which is activated when plugging in the headphones so that they can get service from our ATMs.
  • We ensure privacy of your information by dimming the screen while using the voice menu.
  • We use the standard ATM menu prepared by the Banks Association of Turkey to enable our visually impaired customers to performs transactions in the same way as all ATMs installed in Turkey.
  • For payment transactions that our visually impaired customers make with credit or debit cards, we send transaction information via text message so that they can listen to them on their phones via screen reader programs.
  • We are careful that one-time passwords for Internet and Mobile Banking services are readable by screen reader programs.
  • We use walking surface signs on the ground for both easy access to our ATMs and in our branches.