Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

As Albaraka Turk family, we aim to remain in the future of participation banking sector like we are today, and we know that it’s only possible with serving our customers at the top level and help them gain the maximum benefit of these services.

Our main priority is to be a bank that makes a point of being fair to each of our customers within the rightness principles and work appropriately to the law and international ethics.

From the day we founded to today, we see the customer complaints as added values and evaluate them with discipline. We consider our customers’ satisfaction and happiness as the most important indicator of our success.

Within this framework, we determined our Customer Orientation Policies for our customers’ happiness and commitment.

Our Customer Orientation Policy

  • Respects the right to get informed and easy access to products and services of its customers.
  • Bases on the compliance to legislative regulations and ethics in the documents it presents to its customers.
  • Presents the new situation information to its customers in full and on time.
  • Uses its knowledge and experience to its customers’ benefit while it presents the products and services.
  • Implements a fair pricing policy to its customers pursuant to rightness principles.
  • Takes customer needs and satisfaction as a base and evaluates the suggestions.
  • Holds its calculation devices open to its customers transparently.
  • Acts accordingly to the national and international regulatory and ethical standards for protecting Financial Customer Rights.
  • Considers Customer Orientation and Banking Ethical Principles as the references that generates the Main Organizational Values.