Albaraka Mobil
Mobil Bankacılık

Thanks to Albaraka and Mikro Yazılım Integration, our SME’s easily manage their accounting transactions!

Advantages of Mikro Yazılım Integration

  • Your account transactions in our bank are generated in a suitable format to Mikro Yazılım system.
  • Account transaction are recognized automatically and quickly, without any other transaction.
  • Operational risks are minimized because your transactions are automatically performed.
  • Account transactions are recognized quickly, securely and automatically.
  • Mikro Yazılım saves time and increase productivity.
  • You do not need to IT works to use the Mikro Yazılım.

In order to benefit from this product you have to be using one of the MICRO software packages.

For more information about Mikro Yazılım Accounting Integration, you can contact us from "Our Nearest Branches".