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If you want to insure your own vehicle; You can get our car insurance offers with Albaraka Türk assurance.

What is Motor Insurance?

It is an insurance which protects your vehicle against risks such as crashes, collisions, combustion, natural disasters, damages caused by third parties, theft, public movements, terrorism, floods, in addition to sending a towing truck in case of being stranded, providing a replacement vehicle in case of vehicle repair and maintenance.

The most important difference of Motor Insurance when compared to Traffic Insurance is to ensure that the insured person protects his own vehicle.

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What Guarantees Does Motor Insurance Cover?

  • Hit, collision, overturn, fall, roll
  • Fire
  • Theft, Theft as a result of the stealing of the key
  • Key loss
  • Strike, Lockout, Confusion, Social Movement, Malevolence and Terror
  • Earthquake, Flood, Hail, Storm
  • Smoking and similar substance damages
  • No-damage protection
  • Discretionary financial responsibility
  • Legal protection
  • Mini repair, Roadside assistance and Substitution vehicle service

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You can buy your motorinsurance with the guarantee of Albaraka and the best price advantages from our nearest branch.