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Rent Paying Account is for tenants and can be used by tenants of landlords using the rent management system. If you do not have enough budget to apply for the Rent Paying Account and pay the rent, you can use financing from the limit allocated for you.


  • The tenant associated with the Rent Management System comes to our branch opens an account.
  •  Rent paying account limit is given to tenants.
  •  On the last payment date of the rent payments, the system first checks the account, and if there is not enough balance, the rent payment is made by using financing within Rent Paying Account limit.

What is Rent Management System?

With the Rent Management System;

  • It is a service that allows the owners of regular rental income to follow up the rental income by informing them about the payment status of their tenants via SMS / Mail.
  • The owner of the landlord can provide an order to open a new participation account with the rental income regularly, or transfer the rent incomes to an existing participation account.