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We provide "Information Policy" service to our bank's partners and all stakeholders including the public in order to provide accurate, complete and clear information on time.


The Board of Directors is responsible for monitoring and controlling the information policy. The developments are prepared and affirmed by Albaraka Turk Participation Bank A.Ş. Information Policy Administrative Body, and they are submitted for shareholders, stakeholders and the public’s information. We show utmost care to obey the legislative arrangements about the public disclosure and to put the principles that take place in Corporate Governance Principles. The new regulations or changes in information policy are released to the public and announced on the website within one week.

Public Disclosure Principles

With the regarding legislation provisions concealed, the main public disclosure principles of Albaraka Turk Participation Bank A.Ş. are as below:

  • The three-month financial statements and annual financial statements that are prepared accordingly to the legislation are presented to the relevant authorities together with related foot scripts and explanations within the legal period that independent audit report proposes. The information is posted on the website.
  • Any information regarding to the plenary session shall be kept open to the public at the headquarters and branches of our bank at least 3 weeks prior to the meeting and shall be announced to the public on our internet site. Reports prepared after the plenary session are presented to all stakeholders on our website.
  • Following the plenary sessions in the end of the year, a general evaluation of the previous year is carried out at press conferences organized by the Chairman of the Board and/or the General Manager, and a press release on the general evaluation of the previous year is published.
  • Due to the capital market regulations we are affiliated with, special circumstances disclosure are prepared, submitted to the relevant authorities and posted on our bank’s website.
  • Investor Relations pages prepared in Turkish and English on our website gives detailed information and data about our bank as part of corporate governance principles.
  • Every question that are posed by sharers, investors and other related parties via the devices such as e-mail, letters, telephone are answered at Investor Relations Unit within the shortest time.
  • The statement of profit appropriation is included in the annual report and announced to the public.
  • In the public release including the financial statements and foot scripts, the information about the future, the facts based on estimations and statistical data are shared. The information are definitely associated with the bank’s financial situation and operating results. If it is understood that the statements about the future will not occur, the new information and reports are released to the public with its justification as soon as possible.
  • If canards like rumors and gossip roam around, announcement will be made to the public when SPK and/or IMKB confirm or it’s seen necessary by the management.

Public Authority Contacts

The public statement for visual media or the chain of data distribution such as Reuters and Forex are made by the board chairman, general manager, vice general managers or Public Relations and Advertising Service. Apart from this, especially unless charged, Albaraka Turk Participation Bank A.Ş. employees cannot answer the questions posed by capital market attenders. Questions by the shareholders and other related parties via the devices like e-mail, letter or telephone are answered by Investor Relations Unit.

Archive title is not controlled by our Directorate.

Information Tools

  • Web Site
    Our bank actively uses the website to inform the partners, investors and the public. The information required to include corporate governance principles in our internet site is available in Turkish and English and it is updated continuously.
  • Activity Report
    The annual report is prepared in accordance with the Banking and Capital Market Legislation and corporate governance principles. The annual activity report is prepared in Turkish and English in order to be presented to foreign investors. Our website contains the activity report for the last two years.
  • Meetings for investors and partners
    Board of Directors of Albaraka Turk may organize informative meetings during the reporting periods on request of shareholders or investors. In these meetings, the questions asked to our bank authorities are answered in detail, provided that they do not fall within the scope of trade secrets.
  • Press Releases
  • Commercial Registry Newspaper, Other Newspapers
  • News Channels (Reuters, AP, Bloomberg, Foreks, etc.)
  • Letter, Fax, Electronic Mail, Telephone, etc. Communication Tools